About RLC

Rachel. L Cosmetics is a European body care brand offering smart eco-chic products that induce wellbeing and vitality.
Founded on Faith, Confidence and Philanthrophy.

We are a purpose-driven entrepreneurial company who operates with a set of core principles. We believe businesses have a responsibility to care for, encourage and evoke positive change in our world. We believe in ethical conduct, sustainability, a transparent supply chain and giving back.

Our mission is to develope smart products and services to facilitate empowerment programs, projects and events, contributing to the wellbeing of women.

Our vision is to be a leading cosmetic  brand with a legacy of philanthropy.

Cruelty-free | Natural | Socially engaged | Smart products that connect people | Efficient and Effective for on-the-go.

Eco Chic Haircare by Rachel. L Cosmetics

Core Values


We believe there is more to business than just business. As a business we feel responsible to contribute to society and in particular the well-being of women and children. Our primary focus points:
Creating a service methode for (young) women who have no one to count on; • Helping women and girls rise above their circumstances; •To be a light in darkness; •Provide personal and professional skills training and mentor programs. Purpose | Dreams | Vision | Hope


Our focus is on building a community and not pushing a company culture. A culture is imposed, while a community is more authenic and dynamic. We dont believe in mereley issuing tasks and rules, but mentor, coach and guide through responsibility, accountability and autonomy. We hire for values and mindset. Experience, references nor resumes are important to us. We aim to build a sustainable environment for people to florish, and to go for their dreams and personal goals.


Dignity has the potential to change the world. It is fundamental to wellbeing and organizational thriving. We believe that recognizing the value of individual contributions, respecting and showing trust builds greater ownership of work and the motivation to do well, yielding superior performance and high quality outcomes for customers. Dignity is the key to human florishing and development.