Find an educational publisher (Pearson, Prentice Hall, Houghton Mifflin) and see if you can get an informational interview with a math editor. Step 4 ‐ When you get to the examples, go through each step. Purplemath. The second is in the presentation of a mathematical computation or proof. These books have been reviewed by faculty from a variety of colleges and universities to assess their quality. S/he can tell you a lot about the process, and save you a lot of time in writing a book that, even if it's the best calculus textbook ever, won't get published in the format you spent so much time creating. In the past, you may have opened your math book only when doing problem sets and exercises (looking at the rest of the book only for examples which mirror the current assigned homework). Writing in Math. A math textbook teaches you concepts and techniques rather than telling you a story.
Dr. Heather Moreland. If you feel like reading your math textbook is “impossible” try some of the following … Textbook Selection – Chegg offers students the ability to rent textbooks, purchase new and used editions, download etextbooks and more. You must rid … math textbook is found in the prose, not in the exercises at the end of the section. The first is to communicate new results and discoveries to fellow scientists through journal articles and presentations. To help the teacher prepare a class (and also to recover from not so efficient lecturing) It’s not always the best strategy to start from the beginning and try to read every single word. If the example skips any steps, make sure you write down each one of those skipped steps in the textbook These books can be downloaded for no cost, or printed at low cost. A complete MyLab™ course for your textbook plus embedded and personalized review of prerequisite topics to help with student preparedness and success. As noted in other answers, royalty rates average 10% (of the cover price), though they range widely in the 5%-15% range. Make a difference in your students' lives with free, openly-licensed textbooks.

From the teacher's point of view. There are two main aspects to writing in the mathematical sciences. It might take you half an hour to read and understand just one page. Top sellers can sell over a million copies, with annual sales of 10s to even 100s of thousands. Math can look so pretty, all nicely formatted in the textbook. See the textbook writing tutorial and textbook research for more.

Examples: As major teaching aid with a lot of built-in pedagogy, e.g. Remember: Reading a math textbook is very difficult. review questions, self-assessment and workcases. Learn more Math Instructor Exchange

But when you go to e-mail your instructor with a question, or post your question to a math tutoring forum, you can end up with a mess or with something that totally doesn't mean what you meant to say. Open textbooks are textbooks that have been funded, published, and licensed to be freely used, adapted, and distributed.