They also have the highest reenlistment rate of any of the services.

To be quite frank, my initial reason for joining the military was selfish. BEALE AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. (AFPN) -- I know you've been asked the question, "Why did you join the military?" Especially the drug topic. This results in fewer slots for new recruits.

Values : Certain Core values are ingrained into Air Force Officers during their training.

O ne of the most asked questions in Personal Interview Why Do you want to Join Army/Navy/Air Force? By joining the Air Force, one becomes a member of an exclusive and elite brotherhood.

In other words, those who join tend to want to stay in after their initial term of service is up. The ingrained code of conduct and ethical values enable the officers to occupy a special social niche in society. The reason for the title is that we believe these are things you need to know before you enlist. Generally, candidates try to find the answer to this question on various Websites/Blogs. I enlisted Aug. 15, 1985, because I was unsure what I wanted to do with my life.
Army Recruiter: I walked into this office and had to actually wake the guy up. Whether you’re entering the Air Force as an enlisted Airman or an officer, there are a lot of factors that will shape your journey, including your unique background, current situation and goals for the future. SO many people are concerned so please listen up to that. Well, it seems that the Air Force is the most popular of the military services. We start talking and he says "You see a lot of people want to join the Air Force because they get the nice rooms but why join the military to live a normal life? … If we want to talk about stereotypes some of these recruiters lived up to them. I have, and just recently thought about my answer. We’ll help you determine the best path for you and figure out what steps you need to take to get your Air Force career started. This is a question that is must be asked because the answer given by the candidate lets the Interviewer know what are the reasons that are motivating him/her towards defence forces.