Aside from that, there are still a lot more, so let me share it to you. 57 A Mental Construct Each person constructs their own, unique, personality. The capital of Manila is known for its waterfront promenade and Intramuros, which was a walled city during colonial times. In fact, what makes us Filipino is, in spite of it all, we can smile, laugh, and selfie at life’s rougher edges. What makes the Philippines unique? The phenomenon even gave rise to the sub-culture known as “Generation Txt” whose adherents have developed their own unique language.
Located in Southeast Asia, the Philippines is situated in the Western Pacific and is made up of more than 7,000 islands. Cite ... Our colorful and lively culture that makes us distinct Filipino. Many things - Catholicism, "family oriented", etc. It makes it unique because it is different and it is one of a filipinos are very creative!that's why. Lush, wild forests, saturated, green rice fields like those in Banaue, waterfalls and rivers, all in unspoiled beauty.There is much more to admire than just your beaches, especially your hills and hidden gems of small islands that offer spectacular views of the landscape, villages, rivers and unpaved roads, where only a local can manage to ride a motorbike! But many unique things make your ethnicity/nationality unique from other ones such as your food, your music, your launguage and it's local flavor.

Even though the other Filipino is in the other country they also celebrate the feast of their patron saint by going home to the Philippines and sometimes when they don’t have enough money to go in the Philippines they pray in the church for their love ones and for their own patron saint.

The Filipino cuisine is a mesh between Chinese, Mexican, Malay, Spanish, Indian, and American cooking. My opinion is that it was colonized when its culture was very undeveloped. The most unique country when it comes to culture because of the blending cultures from Europe and America. What Makes Me Unique Alex Brown Dr. Sobatka POP 1 Section 3 31 August 2013 What Makes Me, Me A little over twenty years ago, my grandparents decided to move out to a little town called Huntsburg They bought twenty-eight acres of field that had a farm house on the far end off of a dirt street called Stillwell Road and thus the “Martin Complex” was born. I'm very proud of being a Filipino. Green rice fields in Tibiao.

I'm a Filipino from my skin color, " Kayumanggi ", from my name, " Liwayway ", and from my heart and veins, where the blood of a Filipino is " Nananalaytay ". Sample Essay What Makes You Unique If you are misled and stalled while writing your essay, our professional college essay writers can help you out to complete an excellent quality paper. Filipino Culture PEARL of the ORIENT SEAS This country is a collection of more than 7,000 islands where the East and West cultures amalgamate.
Filipino is based on Tagalog, and was developed to provide the Philippines with a unifying language. No temples, few works of art.

* Bayanihan - community spirit, cooperation and unity.

are actually not uncommon in the global community. It is almost synonymous to Tagalog, the differences being its ability to absorb words from other languages and make them its own!