For example, if you’re... Customize the text of your Professional Summary as well. Whether it will be for an internship or applying at a university as a student, the all-purpose approach of a custom resume allows it to either be elegant, a pre reference of once … But a resume is a summary of those experiences and skills, and typically covers only 10 years’ worth of employment. Don’t be afraid to remove a section of the resume if necessary. Remove Unnecessary Sections. Do Recruiters Care About a Customized Resume? A custom resume is a type of resume that has a general layout and can be used for any purpose. It’s important that you have a resume that stands out and shows some of your best assets at a glance. Look at the various section headers to make sure they all pertain to your skills and experiences. 5 Tips to Customize Your Resume Customize the Professional Summary on your resume to match the job title you’re applying to. Perhaps, the resume... Use Your Own Words. Step 1: Create Your General Resume Template Step 2: Research Step 3: Target Your Resume Step 4: Verify And Send That’s a lot of pressure for a single document. Here, we’ll walk through some resume-building best practices as well as how to customise a resume or CV template in no time. A CV is a complete look at your career, covering every aspect of your education, work and experience without the restriction of length. How to Create a Customized Resume Template Change Section Headers.