Questions. Describe all the four types of innovation. It is of two types i.e.

It’s only by having a status quo in existence, that you can develop it in order to innovate. It is the process of doing something better for the first time, which was not previously done by any entity. Give four good examples with a detailed explanation in terms of what, why and how? Innovation Strategies. Return To Innovation-Creativity Questions and Answers.

putting creative ideas into action is an innovation, whose consequences should be positive. Then, of course, you get many different types of innovation related to a specific product category or group.

It can also be termed as a change which can bring a new edge to the performance and productivity of the company. Innovation, on the other hand, needs stability and establishment. It’s about changing a common or long-standing process by improving it. In the following paragraphs, four types of creativities are discussed and explained. He created a quadrant of creative types using these four characteristics. Innovative Teams Questions. Harvard professor Clayton Christensen introduced some alternative innovation types that have many similarities to radical and incremental innovations, namely disruptive innovations and sustaining innovations.
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Innovation is closely tied to creativity i.e. So, while creativity and innovation share … Thanks for your question… As a starting point, you might want to take a look at Types of Innovation. Aren Dietrich has classified creativity in four domains using four discrete processing modes such as emotional, cognitive, deliberate and spontaneous. Related Posts. 4 Types of Creativity.