sandwich course definition: 1. a college course consisting of periods of study with periods of work between them so that…. Update: in university. Just do it full time. This is known as a thick sandwich course, with two years of study taken before the placement and a final year of study after. There are two kinds of sandwich course: thin and thick.

For example, you may be able to switch to a full-time mode from a thick-sandwich mode at the end of Level 2. A so-called ‘sandwich’ course is a degree course that includes time spent on a placement, often in industry or business, away from the university. Favourite answer.

Sandwich placements are usually taken in the penultimate year of a four-year degree. A sandwich course is a (completely non-edible) three, four or five year undergraduate degree with a work placement integrated into the course. should i do full time course or Thick Sandwich course? ‘Sandwich’ courses can be ‘thick’ with one long placement or ‘thin’ with two or more shorter periods on a placement and …
Thin sandwich course. A sandwich course isn’t a tasty ham and cheese concoction; it doesn’t taste better buttered; and it almost always comes without mayo. Normally part of a three-year degree, a thin sandwich course is one where you study and undertake work experience throughout, for example with two six-month placements slotted around your study - one in year two, one in year three. Sandwich course means you take one year off and do work experience. 1 decade ago. 2 Answers. If you are registered for a sandwich course but have problems obtaining suitable placements, you may be able to transfer to a different mode of study. Secondly, there are 'thick sandwich' courses, which entail two years' initial study at a university, a third year on a relevant 'work placement', with the student then returning to university to complete their degree programme. A sandwich placement is a validated work experience opportunity that forms part of a university degree programme known as a sandwich course.. An element of work experience is also available on some foundation degrees and other vocationally oriented degrees. Answer Save. Learn more. The quicker you finish the course the better. Relevance. (Original post by cordejones) Hi, i want to go in to accountancy and i have been looking at courses at universities but i dont know if i should choose the 3 year Full time or 4 year thick sandwich route. What does a Thick Sandwich course mean?