'Laura smiled' is … Linking to instructions After looking at examples of sentences with subordinating conjunctions and learning how they worked my class completed these activities.

The subordinating conjunction always comes before the dependent clause but the dependent clause itself can be placed either ahead of or following the independent clause. Learn how to use Subordinating Conjunctions and list of Subordinating Conjunctions in English with examples and ESL printable worksheets. Subordinating conjunctions are also known as subordinators, subordinate conjunctions, and complementizers.

Many subordinators are single words such as because , before , and when , but some subordinating conjunctions consist of more than one word such as even though, as long as, and except …

Give each group of four a set of story title cards, which they spread out face up on the table.

Subordinating conjunction worksheets for grade 5. The students then make three story titles using the words on the cards, e.g. Since they had misbehaved, the boys were given one week suspensions from school.
In this conjunctions teaching activity, students invent and tell a story using coordinating and subordinating conjunctions. The sentences are based on a fictional underwater kingdom and, to help teachers differentiate their instruction, it is available at a variety of … Subordinating conjunctions help to add the extra information that tells us when, why or where something happens.

'The Dark Winter', etc. For example: Laura smiled because dancing was fun! Free reading and math worksheets from K5 Learning; no login required. The subordinating conjunction may be placed in between the two clauses (no comma required) or at the start of the sentence (comma needed after the first clause).
In English grammar, there are two types of clause, the dependent clause and the independent clause and when a sentence requires the linking of the two, a subordinating conjunction is required. The activities in this lesson can greatly benefit your learners, particularly after they've already acquired some knowledge of subordinating conjunctions. In these worksheets, students combine sentences using a subordinating conjunction (after, before, while, since ...). Choosing the Right Conjunction Worksheet | Under the Sea – This is a great worksheet for students who have already been introduced to coordinating and subordinating conjunctions. Students choose the best conjunction to complete each sentence. Subordinating Conjunctions!