for example, saying that in order to solve the obesity crisis, fast food companies could … Pictures Causes Solutions The End =) By: Joann Wong And Thanh Tran Solutions to Fumes: Stop all production Bomb all the factories Kill all of the workers No clothing Gasoline Factories Hair Spray Room Spray Pesticides spray Smoking Air Pollution Farts Pick out the pesticides Use his solution was to eat babies. Instead of worrying about authorities invading our online privacy, we should just never do anything that we don't want everyone to know about ever again. One of the biggest problems our world faces today is the excess of plastic pollution, especially in the oceans. This could be considered satirical in that it is sarcastic and somewhat mocking. This argument will provide a preposterous solution to this serious issue.

my english class read "a modest proposal" by jonathan swift. I would recommend that you read Swift’s essay (or at least a part of it, to get the gist), before reading They love to cause trouble and stir the pot. Even the government says the country does not have… We all want privacy, and there are some things that everyone does that other people, much less themselves, … now i have to write my own satire paper.
This argument will provide a preposterous solution to this serious issue. Water pollution is an important problem facing the world, but that does not mean that it cannot be viewed with humor. *This proposal is a satirical piece reflecting the style of Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal, and should not be taken seriously. in his article, he satirized the problem of overpopulation in ireland. what are topics with solutions that i could write about? I think it is agreed by all parties that the life-threatening occurrence of pollution in the oceans is a severe issue that can and will begin to affect the lives of every human being on the planet if the issue is just left alone.If a solution is ⤓ Download 4-page term paper on "Satire About Water Pollution" (2020) … have their own agenda, plain and simple.

This buildup causes extreme deterioration of undersea reef habitat and mass death among sea creatures who eat the plastic because of the fact that it appears similar to their primary food sources.