reverse mentoring history Although still almost unknown in Europe, reverse mentoring is by no means a new approach. The concept of reverse mentoring is not new.

Reverse mentoring is still used at General Electric to this day. Sixty tandems involving upper management levels have now worked together throughout the world (Germany, USA, China, Brazil and Japan).

My colleague Chris Browning recently wrote about the increase in conversations he’s been having with prospective clients about implementing a reverse mentoring program. Reverse mentoring is free from the stuffy pressures of formal mentoring.

3 ; 8857 views Overview. Consider reverse mentoring, an innovative method where large corporations have a distinct advantage.
Reverse mentoring starts with a meaningful conversation and has the potential to evolve into a substantive relationships. The Rules of Engagement for Reverse Mentoring. Originally developed by the idea of Jack Welsh, former CEO of General Electric, this attractive learning format has become an integral part of personnel and …

What is Reverse Mentoring?

Organisations that run effective mentoring programs see higher engagement, more positive and …

THE COMPLETE MENTORING PROGRAM TOOLKIT. How to Create a Successful Reverse Mentoring Program to Promote Gender Diversity. Reverse Mentoring: 10 Tips for Making It Work . This approach shifts the responsibility for organizing mentoring to line employees, who learn from senior executives by mentoring them. Why mentoring? 4 5. While women make up about half of the college educated workforce in the US, they comprise only 29% of science and engineering jobs. This type of relationship is created to help your executives become more familiar with topics such as technology, social media, and current trends. 2 Mentoring has been transforming people for thousands of years.

A reverse mentoring relationship is one in which the traditional roles of mentoring are reversed.

5 6. [1] This percentage continues to drop further into leadership ranks within … 10 January 2018. Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, is given credit as the inventor of the first reverse mentoring program back in 1999. Daimler has also introduced reverse mentoring as part of its Leadership 2020 project.

A junior level employee is selected as the mentor, while a senior level executive takes on the mentee role. Reverse Mentoring. Written by Laura Francis. And today, it is an equally transformational tool for organisations all over the world - including the 71% of Fortune 500 companies who run formal mentoring programs. Reverse Mentoring – Leaders on a Smart Planet True, executives use the web, but speed of change is quicker than fast! Reverse Mentoring – Leaders on a Smart Planet Why for the mentee? by Puja Gubbi, Sarah Hubbard and Ross Smith On February 16, 2017 0 comments .