Good philosophy MA and PhD programs draw many applicants, so your application materials must be first-rate.

The Department of Philosophy at the University of Toronto is the top-ranked philosophy program in Canada, and one of the leading philosophy departments in the world.

The curriculum vitae, also known as a CV or vita, is a comprehensive statement of your educational background, teaching, and research experience. Graduate CV Template. Students have the opportunity to explore their interests through graduate seminars, directed studies courses, and an MA thesis, on a topic of their choosing, written under the supervision of a … CV/resume; Evidence of competence in English If required - you can check using our tool; Sample of work (max. Plenty of philosophy graduates … AOC: Early Modern Philosophy, Ethics/Meta-ethics, Philosophy of Language Links to CV and personal website. Statement of Teaching Philosophy State 3 principles that guide your teaching practice, and give specific examples of how you accomplish each is an instructor. Associate Professor, Australian National University.

For Annual Review of HDFS Graduate Students.

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Philosophy strives to answer the most fundamental questions about the world and our … 2) AOS: Early Modern Philosophy AOC: Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion, Ancient Philosophy Curriculum Vitae .

The Master’s. Queen's offers high quality graduate programs that aspire to give students both a solid general education in philosophy and opportunities for specialized work on topics of students' choosing. Along with high GRE scores, glowing recommendations and a strong academic background, developing the most effective curriculum vitae…

MA: The MA program is a 12-month program, unique amongst Canadian MA programs in having courses and a significant research component to be completed in one year. Philosophy Graduate Handbooks Prospective Students Graduate Placement Record ... Department of Philosophy.

Programs Offered. Philosophy is one of the most challenging and inspiring degrees to study at university and provides graduates with a wealth of knowledge, skills and experiences … (Please note that one longer piece is not acceptable.) The Department of Philosophy is part of the Humanities Division within UCLA College. One paragraph limit.

Senior Research Scholar and Lecturer, Princeton University. Francesco Pica, PhD (CPAMP) AOS: Medieval Philosophy AOC: Bioethics, Philosophy of Law, Free Will Links to CV and personal website.

Philosophy students tend to have an inquisitive nature, and are willing to question just about anything and everything. THE BASICS . 1) All applicants must provide one piece of philosophy work of between 3,000 and 5,000 words long. The Queen's faculty is very productive in a broad range of areas of research. The Philosophy department at UCLA admits graduate students for the PhD program only, entering in Fall Quarter.

Tips and Samples . Edmund N. Carpenter II Class of 1943 Professor in the Humanities. More from this Section.

Sample of work (max. They are naturally suited to careers in research or politics. Unlike a resume which presents your experience and skills within a 1-page format, the curriculum vitae has no page limit. Professor of … No one likes writing a resume, but it's a critical part of the job search in all fields.In academics, the resume is called a curriculum vitae (or CV) and it is even less fun to write.

Owen Pikkert, PhD. Graduate jobs with a philosophy degree. It is the standard representation of credentials within academia. Students who do not have an MA in Philosophy may earn one on the way to the PhD.