Generally business communication is a formal means of communication, like : meetings, interviews, group discussion, speeches etc. Business Communication can be of two types: Oral Communication-An oral communication can be formal or informal. Home » Personal Development » Blog » Verbal and Nonverbal » Effective Oral Communication in Business “If you cannot….. Important considerations include knowing the audience for whom the report is being written, the reasons for writing the report, the end purpose for which the report is intended and the specific staffers needed to contribute information that is essential to the completion of the report. Business Communication A Prepared by Olga Temple English Communication Strand School of Humanities & Social Sciences ... Report Formats: the Short Form 51 Report Formats: the Long Form 54 Lecture 7: Oral, Non-Verbal & Visual Communication 57 The Advantages of Oral Communication 57 The Disadvantages of Oral Communication 57 Skills in Oral Communication 57 Effective Speaking: the … Oral communication implies communication through mouth. It includes individuals conversing with each other, be it direct conversation or telephonic conversation. Oral communication is generally recommended when the communication matter is of temporary kind or where a direct interaction is required. Consider, for example, how limiting it would be if a manager could not attend meetings, ask questions to colleagues, make presentations, appraise performance, handle customer complaints, or give instructions. tell everyone what you have been doing, your doing has been worthless.” Erwin Schrodinger. Effective Oral Communication in Business. Start Your Free Personal Development Course. Oral Communication Oral communication is one of the most common functions in business. Speeches, presentations, discussions are all forms of oral communication. Report writing, because it is such an important part of business communication, must be well planned. In the long run…. Effective business communication helps in building goodwill of an organization.