Handout 1 Nasreddin Hodja. I received my first book of Hodja stories before I could read them, but, thanks to my Mother's willingness to help out, I soon knew them well. Nasruddin in this incarnation is an ancient Persian folk character, also known as Nasrudin, Nasreddin, Nasreddin Hodja, telling stories in the Sufi tradition of Rumi and Hafiz, as well as wisdom tales from many faiths, come to life as a direct-manipulation puppet by puppeteer Richard Merrill. You and your child can easily filter the stories …

backbiting/slander, stealing, corruption) to the attention of the people -which he was very successful in doing.

(1997) Nasreddin Hodja. By means of humour, he wanted to bring the vices that were widespread in the community (e.g. Not surprisingly to those who know me, I insisted on a gift every trip.

Hodja Stories When I was very young my Father often travelled to Turkey for business. A few days later a man asked the Hodja: “Hodja Effendi, how many days have passed since we started Ramazan?”, The Hodja told him to wait for a minute, ran to his cup, counted the stones, came back and said: “Up to today 45 days of Ramazan have passed.” “But Hodja… Nasreddin Hoca (read Hodja, which means 'scholar' or 'teacher' in Turkish) is a popular historical (13th century) figure and an imam known for his wit, wisdom and courage. Image of Hodja from Guldiz, Mehmet. Mullah Nasruddin stories are not just entertaining but also enlightening and informative. Cold Day. Who is Mulla Nasrudin? A few days later, Nasreddin Hodja stories may not be stories by Edgar Allan Poe nor a nove l by Jane Austen; however, embody a living and colourful side of literature and … Story 1. He had taken medrese education (Muslim logic school) and he self-educated himself. ISBN 975-8212-16-8. Such was his popularity that there is even an international Nasruddin Hodja festival celebrated between 5th and 10th July in his birthplace. Mulla (Hodja, Hoca) Nasrudin (Nasreddin, Nasruddin) Folktales.

Nasraddin Hodja, the master of Turkish humorists, lived in Aksehir between 1208-1285. Istanbul: Revas Publishing. It was a cold winter day, and a heavily dressed man noticed Nasrudin outside wearing very little clothing. There are limited information about his historical character but we can understand that he is a … Handout 2 Nasreddin Hodja Tales . One day Nasreddin Hodja borrowed a cauldron from his neighbor.