Bonaparte did "make France great again" - for a while. A throne is only a bench covered with velvet. Leadership Only Bench Throne. As a leader Napoleon sought to win the hearts of those who could aid him, and stirring … View the list There is only one step from the sublime to the ridiculous. History is a set of lies agreed upon. Napoleon Bonaparte . Napoleon: Leader, General, Tyrant, Reformer Adam Hawiger Thesis: Napoleon I, possessed many characteristics, which when put to use combined to create an almost unstoppable army and nation, utilizing three characteristics of leadership, force of tyranny, and stabilizing reform. History Lies Set Agreed. Those who view Napoleon as a dictator can point to his involvement with how he came into power in France. The short answer is he was both. He ruled for roughly fifteen years and was extraordinarily successful the first half of his reign. Napoleon is one of the most famous generals in the history of France, he is known for his magnetic energy and his success as a leader. Napoleon Bonaparte Quotes. Banque de France, national bank of France, created in 1800 to restore confidence in the French banking system after the financial upheavals of the revolutionary period.Headquarters are in Paris.. Napoleon Bonaparte One of the most brilliant individuals in history, Napoleon Bonaparte was a masterful soldier, and a superb administrator.

Napoleon Bonaparte.

The emphasis here will be on Napoleon as the heir and executor of the French Revolution, rather than on his role as the liquidator of revolutionary ideals. So, is Napoleon a reformer or a dictator? But then came disastrous embroilment in Spain and Russia. Step Only Ridiculous Sublime. He is still looked at as a leader that revolutionized war and the strategy that goes along with it. The Code Napoléon: When Napoleon became the leader of France, one of his top priorities was to reorganize the entire legal structure. Napoleon Bonaparte. Today, the Code Napoléon is the basis of law in France and a number of other countries, as well as in the state of Louisiana! Napoleon Bonaparte was a reformer and builder and tinkerer, and most of the results of his tinkering in Paris can still be seen today. Napoleon Bonaparte was one of the most successful military minds to ever walk the battle fields. He was also utterly ruthless, a dictator and, later in his career, thought he could do no wrong. Leader and General 1. Bonaparte had many different persona: the Jacobin, the Republican, the reformer of the Consulate, the consolidator of the Empire and the 'liberal' of the Hundred Days. By the time he was done, France had a unified, progressive legal system, which Napoleon then gave to other parts of his empire.