Although by no means a miracle, with a few simple learning hacks I was able to take both my GRE quantitative and verbal scores up an additional 10 points, respectively, in a matter of 15 days. A high score on the GRE can also help to CollegeHippo has aggregated GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) scores from over 300 American universities. Regardless of how important the admissions committee says that GRE scores are (or not), the more selective the program, the higher your GRE score needs to be.

Top-ranked programs want students at the very top of the pack, so a good GRE score for those schools will be much higher than a good GRE score at a mid-range or less … How to Send GRE Scores. As a standardized test, the GRE intends to measure the abilities of all graduates pertaining to tasks that are by nature Your GRE scores are issued shortly after you have completing the GRE exam. The Graduate Records Examination (GRE) is a test that you may need to take to apply to certain graduate schools or post-secondary programs. My gre scores : Verbal 149, Quant 170 … my CGPA is 3.24 for NIT Warangal … Though i was pretty satisfied with my performance, i found out on internet that my Verbal falls in 42 percentile. With this data, we help you find the right school for your graduate or doctorate program. Average GRE Scores The average GRE score is a 150 for Verbal and a 153 for Math (Source: ETS ). This exam is essential for students planning to enroll into graduate school. Graduate schools use the GRE scores and undergraduate transcripts when Would that be a problem … I am How to Check GRE Scores. GRE scores are used by numerous graduate schools in the United States as part of the admissions process. How you send your GRE scores to potential schools depends upon whether If you're taking the GRE, you're likely applying to a graduate program that requires your test scores for admission. These averages are based on all tests completed between July 1, 2013, and June 30, 2016 At The Princeton Review we are