By Maggie Nelson, from The Argonauts, out next month from Graywolf.Nelson is the author of several books, including Bluets, The Art of Cruelty: A Reckoning, and Jane: A Murder.. T he task of the cervix is to stay closed, to make an impenetrable wall protecting the fetus, for approximately forty weeks of a pregnancy. But let’s, for the sake of simplicity, call it a long lyrical essay. In many ways, The Argonauts is a prime example of Nelson's literary style: it is familiar, intimate and expository, while at the same time being deeply philosophical. Maggie Nelson is celebrated for her deeply personal explorations of universal themes like gender, love, sexuality, art, and family. Maggie Nelson wrote her undergraduate thesis on poets Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath. After that, by means of labor, the wall must somehow become an opening. In The Red Parts: An Autobiography of a Trial, Maggie Nelson, the author tells the story about her aunt who was murdered in 1969 and how her family suffers through the reopening of the case. Partly essay, partly poetry, it’s a collection of fragments, of quotations, a memoir with a hint of philosophical investigations.

[College Level Writing: Essay] Need Criticism on Bluets by Maggie Nelson. Here are an interesting trio of essays on Anne Sexton, including one by Maggie Nelson: “A Note on Anne Sexton and Her Critical Legacy.”In it Nelson quotes Wittgenstein and comments on the idea that critical interpretation influences how we experience texts.

Maggie Nelson’s book Bluets (Wave Books, 2009) is a bastard, a hybrid, transgressing all and every genre, as they are yet known.

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This paper examines these ‘wild’ associations in Rebecca Solnit’s The Faraway Nearby (2013), and in The lyric essay often works associatively to create meaning through metaphor, analogy, and the juxtaposition of anecdotes, observations, or citations.

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