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Macduff, a legendary hero, plays a pivotal role in the play: he suspects Macbeth of regicide and eventually kills Macbeth in the final act. Second, the news of the callous murder of his wife and children (Act IV, Scene 3) spurs him toward his desire to take personal revenge upon the tyrannical Macbeth. Malcolm, remembering his father's misplaced trust in Macbeth, decides to test Macduff: he confesses that he is a greedy, lustful, and sinful man who makes Macbeth look like an angel in comparison. Search. We see just how much Macduff loves his country in when Malcolm tests his loyalty by pretending that he'd be an even worse king that Macbeth. This is from a series of posters I made for revision of the characters in Macbeth. Start studying Macduff quotes. They each display quotes that would be useful to revise for the GCSE exam. His Honesty. Except when deeply moved, he is a man of very few words.

Macduff’s role in ‘Macbeth’ is principally to serve as a foil to both Macbeth and Banquo and to provide a moral compass for the audience by showing how an honest, innocent, upright and patriotic man should respond to the events unfolding in the play. Macduff defeats Macbeth. Macduff arrives at the English court and meets with Malcolm. Act 5 Scene 8 – Key Scene . Throughout the play Macduff shows himself to be possessed of great energy. Loyalty and guilt. Is it possible to argue that Macbeth is the play’s villain and Macduff or Banquo its hero?

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Malcolm reveals his deception and contrasts the 'integrity' and 'good truth and honour' of Macduff with that of 'Devilish Macbeth'. Macduff, like Macbeth and Banquo, is a thane and as such is one of the noblemen whose Duncan clearly values loyalty – he has the first Thane of Cawdor executed and rewards Macbeth by making him the new Thane. He finally breaks down, saying "O Scotland, Scotland," telling Malcolm that he's not fit to live, and then decides to leave Scotland forever rather than see her ruled by a man who "By his own interdiction stands accursed" (4.3.125), a.k.a.

He is also the honorable Thane of Glamis, but he is not a virtuous one. and find homework help for other Macbeth questions at eNotes Loyalty and guilt are also strong themes in Macbeth.

In this scene, Macduff confronts Macbeth inside the castle. This one features Macduff. Macbeth is the “bravest” soldier, very noble, courageous. I printed some out in A4 for my students but they look pretty good in A3 as eye-catching wall displays. How are they different? Compare and contrast Macbeth, Macduff, and Banquo. He frequently acts impulsively; but he is thoroughly honest, has great depth of feeling, and is a true patriot. 1. He can be seen as the avenging hero who helps save Scotland from Macbeth's tyranny in the play. Macduff is the character who has two of the most significant roles in the play: First, he is the discoverer of Duncan's body.

Macbeth claims that he cannot be defeated because of the witches’ prophecy but Macduff then reveals that he was born by Caesarean birth. Macbeth taunts Macduff but Macduff just wants to fight. Is the matter more complicated than that? All important lines spoken by Macduff and useful quotations about him. Malcolm. Quotes without a name before them are said by Macduff (1-18 are in the order they appear in the play) the rest are labelled.