Select a mapped contact marker and it will scroll to the contact details. 2015-09-13. v 5.1.0 Removed the annoying notification. Various Printable Territory Reports (Next Out, Overdue, etc) *NEW* Ability to Export All Territory Records to Excel. Example: Creating New Territory Cards 1. Apps. In the future it will also keep track of loaned and returned territories, and produce statistics of covered territories. Different Access Levels (Servant, Assistant, Overseer) Easily Check-In and Out Territories from Most Mobile Devices. Cancel Account Adjustments: New Account Text or call 567-400-0754, if you have any problems or questions. Tags: Jehovah, Jehovah's Witnesses, JW, JW Territories, Territories, Ministry Assistant, Ministry. View an interactive version of the territory map and details on your phone. Sync your data across your devices with Google Drive or Dropbox and easily keep your records up to date.

JW Territory Servant 5.1.0 Update . Is a powerful application allows the Territory Manager to manage the theocratic principle regional Congregation of Jehovah's witnesses. Contact; JW Territory Servant.

Currently it can be used to print new territory cards with up-to-date street maps. Territory Manager ( Phone & Letter Version) Login: Username: Username is required: Password: Password is required OK. JW Territory servant allows you to easily keep track of your congregation's territories and easily see which ones have not been worked recently and which ones need to be worked. Territory Management Features: Personalized Username and Password for All Users. Scan QR Codes on Territory Map Cards produced by Territory Assistant. This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. * Territorial output / input * Area seen in the oldest dates report * Database to directly save to sd card.

Introduction. Smart phone application: Input and output is a simple way. Draw the Territories on a Map. Territory Management for JW × ... Multi-Terr 5 also includes an automatic transfer of addresses between congregations. Territory Bro is a tool for managing territory cards in the congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The information obtained from Territory Manager may only be used to assist in the preaching of “The Good News of God’s Kingdom” in harmony with Matthew 24:14. Show More. Features: * Quick Add area * Manage proclaimers.

Ability to Search by Publisher. A Territory Management System for Jehovah's Witnesses - jeitnier/jw-territory-manager