Awards. 2014. 2015. Yet is considered to be one of cinema's very greatest works. 2013. Jean-Luc Godard, (born December 3, 1930, Paris, France), French Swiss film director who came to prominence with the New Wave group in France during the late 1950s and the ’60s.. The Catalan filmmaker Albert Serra, a guest of the LEFFEST in 2013, has been awarded, for his most recent film, La Mort de Louis XIV, the Jean Vigo Prize 2016.Serra was distinguished “for his singular way of filming History and for his films, at a time sumptuous and agile, which turn him into a unique director”, emphasizes the Jury. 2016. Get Movies.

Died. France Knows How to Give Out Movie Awards. Personal Details Born. Jean Vigo Award : François Margolin for Elle et Lui. Type : Awards Theme : Others Location : France Period : from 01/01/1991 to 31/12/1991. French New Wave director best known for such films as Pierrot le Fou, Breathless, Band of Outsiders, Alphaville and My Life to Live.

Story also focuses on his relationship with his supporting wife whom he met in sanatorium. Early life and career. Based on the life of a classic french cineast Jean Vigo, the story follows his daily struggle with sanity, normal life and uncompromising filmmaking. Taurus. Awards. Star Sign. Directed by Julien Temple. Back : Prix Jean Vigo. Type : Awards Theme : Others Location : France Period : from 01/01/1988 to 31/12/1988. Jean Vigo is one of the legendary figures of world cinema, whose films L'Atalante and Zéro de Conduite still inspire young audiences today. Oscars Best Picture ... Jean Vigo Award was established in 2007 by Navarra International Documentary Film Festival in Spain. 2017. Other years (67) 2019. 2016.

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2018. February 28, 2014 Save this story for later. Awards (2 films, 2 people, 2 prizes awarded) Awards. 2014. by Fabien Lemercier. His cinematic awards include an Honorary Cesar, an Honorary Academy Award, and the Prix Jean Vigo. Back : Prix Jean Vigo.

Awards (2 films, 2 people, 2 prizes awarded) Awards. Awards & Events. Jean Vigo Award : Arnaud Desplechin for La Vie des morts. 2018. Other years (67) 2019. Jean Vigo Award : Eric Barbier for Blaze.

Earn 125 points on every ticket you buy. Film historian Michael Temple explores Vigo's intense career and asks why it has had such a long-lasting impact on film culture, not just in France, but also for generations of filmmakers, critics, and moviegoers around the world. A timeless masterpiece of love and yearning, L’Atalante was the only full-length film made by Jean Vigo before his tragic early death. 2015. Jean Bonaventure de Vigo Almereyda April 26, 1905 Paris, France. About. ... in 1937, was Jean Renoir. 2013.

With James Frain, Romane Bohringer, Nicholas Barnes, David Battley. Buy Movies. 2012. Rack up 500 points and you'll score a $5 reward for more movies. Dita Parlo stars as a young bride who begins married life aboard her husband’s barge on the Seine. The Jean Vigo Award goes to Mathieu Amalric. But The Village Voice's Georgia Brown has said French director Jean Vigo's 1934 drama L'Atalante "may be the greatest film ever made," and Criterion's The Complete Jean Vigo (Blu-ray … Jean Vigo Award : Luc Moullet for La Comédie du travail. 2017.