I love being an RN. If you want to be a member of a profession where you work closely with people, you get paid well, and you go home every day knowing you made a difference in someone's life, nursing is hard to beat. Absolutely yes, unless you would rather get a degree in Accounting or something similar that will land … Ofcourse being a nurse is a worth. i went into nursing because i thought - and was told by people who were nurses - that there wasn't a better education to get.

It is only worth it if the best job you can imagine is helping people who are very ill, or badly injured, and if you really care about people. If you can answer that this is your heart's desire, then the time will pass whether you attend medical school and become a physician or not. I love being a nurse working with patients and I love that nursing has been a catapult for me to earn a lot of money in many different ways.

With the looming nursing shortage, we should be marketing the great money nurses make … Im glad to hear its worth it b/c around here i hear there is no more money in FNP compared to what Im making after being a nurse for 20 years. and i had done carers work etc. She is contended and happy with what she is earning. Nurses spend so much time on their feet that it’s vital to make smart clothing choices. However, the realities of being a nurse might not be everything you think it is, and it's natural to second guess your dream of nursing. It is only worth it if you cannot imagine being anything else. Nurses are no different. Is being a nurse worth it or not?

How to save your legs “I wish I’d known about compression socks,” West says. If you are interested in more than an entry-level nurse position, you might want to consider being a nurse practitioner (NP). It’s estimated that NPs … So is being a nurse worth it? She helps the patients in their recovery, during their treatments and deseases. although, those saying that are the beside nurses who have no desire to move their education on. i honestly think being a rn is not worth it. i liked a&p, etc. no. here's something i put on another post (some of this may not apply to you):. It seems the NP are keeping this a well kept secret as they laugh their way to the bank. Perhaps the greatest takeaway from beginning my career as a nurse is that it meant I’m now able to help my friends and family whenever they have a health-related question or concern. She is also called a "sister".

Best Answers. One doesn’t negate the other. She is automatically in the prayers of the patients. Is A Nursing Degree Really Worth It? “But being a nurse means that you know you made a difference in their lives, no matter how big or small.” 8. Many people who work in healthcare claim to have experienced a type of calling to enter the field.

A nurse practitioner is more like a doctor than an RN. Registered Nurses currently are paid an average of $32 per hour.