Ask for details ; Follow Report by Holy402 28.04.2018 Log in to add a comment Fortunately, a writer does not have to be an expert on a topic in order to write about it. Or back in the 80s if all someone read was Pravda. Dave hit the nail on the head. You can’t read just one: Reproducibility and multiple sources. Because if we use only nonrenewable resources, then we would run out of them soon as they take a long time to form. When doing research, students will regularly ask me, "Why do I need to find multiple sources? 1. Why is it important to use multiple sources when researching? (This is a recent favorite). When using secondary sources for market research, like syndicated research reports, it’s important to understand they do not all have the same information. Different reports offer different data. I can get all the information I need from this [article, book, website]." I always explain that if you only use one source, you don't know what you're not getting from other sources in terms of information, ideas, viewpoints, etc. Here are three reasons using multiple sources can strengthen your next market research project. There are lots of ways to mess with the heads of undergraduate students. If writers could only write about topics that they have extensive personal experience with, most writers would be limited in the topics that they can write about. Online Writing Lab Why Use Sources? Imagine if all a person did was read/watch InfoWars as the sole source of information about the world? Or had only a single YouTube channel.

Therefore it is important to use alternative energy sources.