Doing this while listening to your tape recorder can also help you retain a lot of the data.

Believe it or not, the more difficult or longer the term might be, the easier it is to remember the definition. Before you start trying to recall everything from memory, write and re-write the information. Whether it be a long list of medical terms or even a chapters worth of language definitions like spanish or french, we have the secrets & techniques to memorize them. Steven feels a “one night stand” consists of having sexual relations with a person only once, regardless of how well a person does or does not know the other person involved. Want to memorize vocabulary? If the information you want to memorize is larger than 20 chunks, then break it up into multiple sets of ~20 chunks and apply the same process to the sets (i.e. Well, the truth is, I’ve written about textbook (and book) memorization before, just never in the context of memorizing an entire textbook. use colored markers to put the vocab word on one side and write a short definition on the other side with the lines. use the definition from your textbook and look for just the important parts; short and sweet and to the point. Our minds are constantly evolving with new information. The two-part process you’re about to read will blow your mind. In short: memorize the first chunk, memorize the next chunk, review them together, then repeat this process. Flashcards. Memorizing a speech in one night is not an easy task, but it's possible. If you want to memorize something quickly and thoroughly, repetition won’t cut it; however, recalling something will. How to Memorize Quickly. This is most useful for experienced learners. How to memorize fast and easily. Whether you’re a student, a professional, a parent, or a retiree — all of us are learning new things everyday. Quickly memorizing large amounts of definitions ... delimited by the dash to get the words into one column and the definitions in the other, then take what you want from there. Flashcards are good - what I did with quotes (for English) was get cards and on the front write one trigger word/memorable word of the quote/definition and on the back the whole one. Take this quick and easy challenge and discover the natural power of your memory. That is so far from the truth, it’s running for office. Perhaps you need to memorize a long list of definitions before tomorrows big test. Before you begin Before you begin this it is important to actually believe that you can memorise a complete essay or speech whether it be 500 words or 2000 words. This process works particularly well for lists, speeches and text.