Sheila Birling - An Inspector Calls. Along with her brother, Sheila takes on socialist ideas and defiantly stands in opposition to her parents. Created by: ebateson2001; Created on: 03-01-18 17:12; Personality. Sheila in Act 1 of An Inspector Calls including Feminism, Morality Plays and the Supernatural by Mr Salles Teaches English. Strong Minded - "I don't believe I will. Role . The story is centred on a mysterious inspector, who investigates the socially ambitious Birling family and a dinner guest following the suicide of a young woman. And it’ll be all the worse when he does’. This is where we know that Sheila has cottoned on to what the inspector is doing. 0.0 / 5? She is disturbed that they return … Sheila in Act 2 of An Inspector Calls

Having learnt how the inspector is working, Sheila desperately tries to stop her mother falling into the same trap.

So you be careful." Sheila: (gaily, possessively) I should jolly well think not, Gerald, I'd hate you to know all about port – like one of these purple-faced old men.

Selfish - "And so you used the power you punish the girl. She says, ‘you mustn’t try to build up a kind of wall between us and that girl.If you do the Inspector will just break it down. 28:16. The Inspector is successful in his visit, because she is ‘impressionable’; _she is willing to learn a lesson in how to treat others. The film was first broadcast on 13 September 2015 on BBC One . "-the inspector; Sharp and smart- "he's giving us the rope- so that we'll hang ourselves."