The term “no signature divorce” can be a bit misleading.

This is what some lawyers and document preparation agencies call a “No Signature Required Divorce.” A Court makes the decision as to whether you are entitled to a divorce and it has nothing whatsoever to do with your spouse’s signature. Once served personally, your spouse has twenty days to respond to the documents (if served in New York State) or the non response by your spouse will be considered a default. Although you can complete a divorce without your spouse’s consent, you must take steps to notify him or her of your intention to divorce. You do not need your spouse’s permission to sue them for divorce or to get the divorce once you have sued them. — will be a longer process, but it is possible. It is possible to get a divorce without your spouse's signature. A divorce … In community property states, it's a good idea to get your ex-wife to sign a quit claim deed even if her name was never on the title.

You don't need your ex-spouse's signature to sell.

So what if he or she refuses to sign the divorce …

If Your Spouse Agrees to the Divorce, you Can Pursue a No Fault Divorce on the Basis of Mutual Consent If your spouse agrees to the divorce and the parties is willing to negotiate equitable distribution, child support, and alimony issues there is a significant likelihood for an expedited process. You would simply file for divorce and obtain valid service on your spouse. New York “No Signature Required” Divorce The legal process of divorce requires that the divorce papers be formally served to the non-filing spouse, after which he or she is required to respond to the summons in order for the process to proceed. Getting a Divorce Without Your Spouse’s Signature Getting a divorce when your spouse is uncooperative — or completely M.I.A.