Note: I believe that the idea of spreading the toast with yeast and then floating it on top was probably a way of trying to keep the wine mixture clear. 7 cups Dandelion petals 1 chopped light Raisins 1 gal. Dandelion wine is a white wine that perfectly captures […] Dandelion Wine Recipe (& the Mistake You Don’t Want to Make) February 26, 2020 By Laurie Neverman 263 Comments This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission.

I have a very nice champagne vinegar, but I’m thinking it could be made just as easily starting with this dandelion wine recipe.

This is a fairly simple recipe and would be a good way to get started. Dandelion Wine Recipe #1 This wine is very nice when new, but of course will improve with age. Hot Water 2 lb. Sugar 1/4 tsp. The much-maligned Dandelion may be a source of pain to many gardeners but to winemakers, their appearance can be a blessing. After a long winter hiatus, the first signs of dandelions popping up is a time to start thinking about making the most beautiful dandelion wine. Dandelion Wine Vinegar Some people don’t drink wine, but they use white wine vinegar for cooking. Forgotten Skills of Cooking is a great book if you're thinking of getting into making bread, foraging, raising chickens, or making your own dandelion wine and apple cider. It’s a one time investment and will pay for itself with the first batch of wine. Dandelion Wine - Traditionally picked on St George's day (April 23rd), this is the ultimate, old fashioned, homemade wine. Dandelion Wine is light and delicious – give it a try this year.

If this is going to be your first time making any kind of wine at home, you will need a wine making equipment kit. I've always wanted to make dandelion wine, but this year I got my act together. This is a traditional Dandelion wine recipe.