Why Use a Semicolon Checker. The main function of the colon is to introduce whatever follows it such as a list, a statement, or an explanation which the semicolon … Colon: Last but not least, we have a colon. If you’re not doing this, you are making a mistake. The use of semicolons … When it comes to advantages, you learn from your mistakes, get perfect papers, single-click semicolon … Many people use a semicolon instead of the colon there and make the error. Semicolon is often mistaken with colon and even hyphen which is why our semicolon checker online is a great proofreading tool. Semicolon … Semicolon: A semicolon, on the other hand, is a punctuation mark used to showcase that there is a pause in a sentence. It is free to try and will definitely improve your writing.

The difference is that the pause is used to differentiate between two clauses, and tends to be slightly more pronounced than that of a comma!

This is a helpful punctuation especially when you do not want to use conjunctions or you think you have used too much in your sentence. The checker has patent-pending technology in working to correct all colon punctuation mistakes including semicolon. The colons are usually used to end the subheadings. Using semicolons and colons correctly is of utmost importance if you want to follow the rules. A semicolon checker online allows you to easily scan your paper for …
Colon and semicolons are sometimes confused with each other but while there is some similarity, they are not the same. Connecting the two or more independent clauses is the work of semicolon.