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Characteristics of Ethnocentrism Assignment Paper.

Moreover, some of the negative functions of ethnocentrism consist of : the “Us versus them mentality,” collective tunnel cision and the false sense of superiority.

Reference Chapter 2 . What are the social characteristic of ethnocentrism? When we are unwilling to accept a different perspective on life, then there is no way for any of us to maximize the potential of who we are. Ethnocentrism And Ethnocentrism 931 Words | 4 Pages time period of World War II, the surrounding war was most conducive to allowing Hitler conduct the attempted ethnic cleansing because of ethnocentrism, powerful countries were distracted by war, and the economy was poor. Ethnocentrism can be understood as the disposition to read the rest of the world, those of different cultural traditions, from inside the conceptual scheme of one's own ethnocultural group. Kenneth D. Keith.
The advantages and disadvantages of ethnocentrism show us that when we embrace the uniqueness of each identity, then we can find moments of inspiration and innovation. Ethnocentrism is the notion of supremacy is one's particular ethnic society, however, it can also evolve from ethnic or spiritual differences. ethnocentrism (aka sociocentrism) A variety of "centrisms" can befall us whether we're trying to understand primary or secondary sources or trying to navigate another culture.

Ethnocentric people assume that they are trustworthy than other people for purposes based completely on their heritage and culture. There is an old Asian proverb about the frog that lives in the well. 2 Ethnocentrism:Seeing the World From Where We Stand. Ethnocentrism is used in social sciences and anthropology to describe the act of judging another culture and believing that the values and standards of one's own culture are superior – especially with regard to language, behavior, customs, and religion. Althought ethnocentrism has both its positive and negative functions, the positives outweigh the … Ethnocentrism means judging other cultures [usually critically] according to the assumptions of one's own culture.