Favorite Answer. If you love someone that is the same gender as you, Then that is the free will that God gave you. Is being "in love" with someone else from the same gender necessary to make you gay? Expressing love in same sex relationships Expressing love in a same sex relationship is something natural, and a natural part of being human. 1 decade ago. Take some time to get used to the idea and see if additional same-sex attractions occur before deciding if … We make, or allow, ourselves to fall in love by romanticizing the individual as well as the relationship. We all know that society has embraced lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) causes in the last few decades: Same-sex marriage, banned as of 1996, was the law of the land in 2015. Don't feel pressured to choose a side or a label yourself. Many agender people also identify as genderqueer, non-binary and/or transgender. Lv 6. Being in love -- and romantic love altogether -- is mostly a result of our minds' creation. This is a natural process. That just … Answer Save. Kimberly A . If God were to see homosexuality as a sin (if because I don't speak for Him), Then he would forgive it. Straight/aromantic-asexual people might have a few passing thoughts or weird dreams about same-gender relationships, but they're fleeting and minor in the long run. Relevance. Like how I love my wife. Gender-role rigidity and the paralysis of modern love Sadly, our love lives are being hamstrung by a sneaky brand of modern stealth-sexism. However, some agender people prefer to avoid these terms, especially transgender, as they feel this implies identifying as a gender other than their assigned gender, while they in fact do not identify as any gender at all. I don't see it as blaspheming the Holy Spirit. Feminism is said to be the movement to end women's oppression (hooks 2000, 26). During the 1920s and early 1930s, lesbian and gay people in Berlin were generally tolerated by society and many bars and clubs specifically pertaining to gay men were opened. We shared the same musical tastes and a love for philosophy and metaphysics. Feminist Perspectives on Sex and Gender. Your feelings are valid, and while you might need to spend some time reflecting about how you feel, having feelings for someone of the same gender is nothing to feel ashamed of. If you find yourself having feelings for someone of the same gender, know that you are a perfectly normal human being. In fact, the term agender is considered an oxymoron among many. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights in Germany have evolved significantly over the course of the last decades.