See more ideas about Installation art, Architecture and Sculpture art. (Chi It is also seen as the art of designing spaces, which we experience through movement and use. Readers wishing to respond to an essay in ebr may send ripostes or short glosses to the journal’s Managing Editor, Will Luers . Mar 24, 2020 - Explore kareliada's board "Architecture as Narrative" on Pinterest. Narrative as Design Process September 3, 2013 by Bob Borson 39 Comments Sometimes it really does help to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes – or in this case, take a shower in their bathroom. “Architecture as a Narrative Medium”, Electronic Book Review, May 1, 2002, . Is narrative architecture still relevant during this time of economic challenge? Please practice hand-washing and social Conceptual ordering, spatial and social narrative are fundame Stay safe and healthy. I certainly think so; it just needs to conform to the opportunities at hand. Architecture is often seen as the art of a thinking mind that arranges, organizes and establishes relationships between the parts and the whole. But while a narrative is constructed as a timeline of events, the architecture is constructed as a set of spatial relationships defining human action, which is its basic concern, in the same way it is the basic concern of stories. Narrative Architecture explores the potential for narrative as a way of interpreting buildings from ancient history through to the present, deals with architectural background, analysis and practice as well as its future development.