Animal testing - the facts and the figures Amid the furore and frenzy, it is easy to lose sight of the facts in the animal rights debate.

Animal experimentation - the facts Animal experiments in the UK A liger - half lion, half tiger - has been experimentally bred UK law both requires and regulates experiments on animals. Animal testing, also known as animal experimentation and animal research is the use of animals for experiments.
We ask two experts for their arguments for and against animal testing ... FOR: Animals play a small but vital role in research.

Humans and animals don't always react in the same way to a drug. Animal testing is a controversial practice that provokes many difficult ethical arguments. Top 10 Reasons Animal Testing Should Be Banned. One drug, TGN1412, was tested on animals and in humans.
Aim to learn more about the facts of animal testing so that you can make an informed decision regarding its benefit and validity in your life. Arguments Against Animal Testing That Everyone Should Know About. Want a world that is entirely free of illness and disease?

So here is the reality of vivisection in the UK. ... Why introduce alternatives to animal testing? People on both sides of the fence have very strong views. Well, let's just ask our research laboratories to keep churning out medicine after medicine that will cure everything. Any discussion of animal testing pros and cons must acknowledge the practice's medical benefits, such as the near-eradication of polio, but cannot deny the inhumane practices often involved in animal testing. About 50 to 100 million vertebrate animals and many more invertebrate animals are used around the world every year.

Fruit flies and mice are often used for animal testing.

Animal testing - the facts What do you think about testing medicines on animals? Whether or not products for human use should be tested on animals before proceeding to full scale human trials is one of the most emotive subjects ever to be debated. The source of the animals are different according to the country and species.

Animal testing is riddled with debate and misconceptions, both on the sides of animal testing supporters and those who are against it.