Sustainability efforts within GIM could focus on visit length, staff support, schedule control, clinic chaos, and EMR stress. [12,13] Various studies highlighted the relationship between educational stress and internalizing and externalizing problems in school contexts. Taken together, our results seem to indicate that pre-stress music listening might not be effective in reducing the biopsychological stress response, but might, in contrast, add to or facilitate a stress response. Academic stress was found to be higher in younger students than older students. To our knowledge, while others have shown that academic stress is associated with elevations in cortisol (Guidi et al. Stress among undergraduate and graduate students is multifactorial, arising from both academic and non-academic factors, including socio-cultural, environmental, and psychological attributes (Brand and Schoonheim-Klein, 2009).Stress levels may escalate to significant proportions in some students, to present with symptoms of anxiety especially during tests and examination periods. The Impact of Stress on Academic Success in College Students. Academic functioning was assessed using teacher's screening instrument, intelligence quotient, and National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences index for SLD. Sometimes college life can be very stressful, because the pressure from study, relationship, responsibilities and so on. Keywords: academic stress, performance, juniors, seniors . Appropriate statistical methods were applied. Academic stress adversely affects student's personal, emotional, and physical well-being,[10,11] as well as their learning and performance levels. According to the American … Therefore, defining what cause to stress, how to deal with stress are very important for college students. 1999), no longitudinal human in vivo studies have shown that chronically elevated psychological stress, such as that experienced during academic exams, and elevated in vivo cortisol levels are associated with significant decrements in peripheral blood B lymphocytes. The effect of stress is not limited to biological aspect but also on psychological dimension. For students, stress can have a very significant impact on their academic endeavor. Stress arises when there are burden on the person which exceed his available assets. Academic stress is defined as the body’s response to academic-related demands that exceed adaptive capabilities of students.2 It is estimated that 10–30% of students experience some degree of academic stress during their academic career.3 Indeed, academic stress among students enrolled in highly academic standards universities has a major impact. A stressed person may not be able to function effectively. The effect of stress on students can be many. There was a non-significant difference on PSS scores among students when stress was measured at the beginning and at the end of the semester. Stress and suicidal ideas were assessed using general health questionnaire, suicide risk-11, and Mooney Problem Checklist (MPC). While GIM divisions overall demonstrate high stress and burnout, division rates vary widely.