JCU Graduate Research School provides general guidelines for formatting theses. Editors offering top notch dissertation writing services online. ; Your particular school or college may have more specific requirements.

UNSW Sydney NSW 2052 Australia Telephone +61 2 93851000 Authorised by Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) UNSW CRICOS Provider Code: 00098G ABN: 57 195 873 179 When it is the matter of presenting your PhD thesis in the best possible form, you may not want to compromise. Word provides several preset margins you can choose from, but for thesis layout it is necessary to make your own ‘custom margins’. Note: This workshop was previously called 'Microsoft Word for Large Documents' and it covers the same content. Some of the sections pertaining to layout and formatting of the HDR Thesis Format Guidelines are reproduced below.. Theses that exceed 30,000 words may be penalized by up to half a grade for excessive length.

Setting the page layout to enable double-sided printing of thesis documents. Get help with your thesis today! The rules for formatting research degree theses are quite straightforward, but it is important that you get them right: with the exception of short quotations for which an English translation is provided, the thesis must be written in English unless the Graduate Dean has given approval prior to submission for examination for all or part of the thesis to be in another language
The requirements stated on this page are default settings for the thesis template. Your thesis is probably the most significant document created during your academic career. 1. Parts of a thesis.

Introduction on Thesis format.

On the Ribbon bar click on Layout 2. Check with your supervisor if this is applies to you..
Advice on the Production of a Thesis. The Library's Theses Office assists with formatting theses, projects and extended essays for submission to the Library. Looking for a reliable thesis writing help?

Theses that do not reach the minimum required length may fail to receive honors.

Click on the arrow on the right hand side of bottom area labelled ‘Page Setup’ to activate You are encouraged to use the Library's thesis template to help format your thesis. These notes are intended as a practical guide to the production of a thesis. This workshop is suitable for postgraduate students wishing to learn how to format a large document such as a thesis or dissertation in Microsoft Word, according to Stellenbosch University (SU) thesis and dissertation requirements. They should be read in conjunction with the appropriate University regulations on submission (the Rules for the Form of Compositions and the Submission of Work for Higher Degrees) and note should be taken of any instruction issued by the candidate’s department. Thesis Format.

Description. Word Count Social Studies Senior Theses should be between 20,000 and 30,000 words of text. Section.

You are required to attach a word count to your thesis.